Gift Card Program .

Looking for a Gift For the Avid Skater in Your Family?
Try the Wilmington Ice House Gift  Card Program

You purchase the Gift Card and the kids can buy their own skating admission, drinks and food. You decide the amount!  Any dollar amount over $5.00 can be placed on a card and parents can get cards for all of their children.

The bonus is the card-holder can put more money in their card account at any time, and your child does not need to carry cash.

  • May be used at the Front Window, Pro Shop or Snack Bar
  • Purchases made using the Gift card must be at least $5.00.
  • You cannot receive cash back from the card.
  • You can put money on the Card at any time.
  • Cards should be kept in a secure place like any Credit Card to ensure that no one else can get access your account.
  • If you lose the card, we cannot replace it

Please See a Staff Member to take advantage of this Program